Her daily life lessons are like daily reality checks that help me travel through the potholes of life.

"Being a coach myself, I know how important it is to have inspiration and motivation consistently. I love how Rachelle takes her daily life lessons and breaks them down into bite size personal pieces for her readers. Her daily life lessons are like daily reality checks that help me travel through the pot holes of life. I like the fact that she uses her own stories and experiences to serve as examples for us to drink in and use as needed. The biggest difference 365 Days of Coaching™ has made in my life is that I know I can count on Rachelle to deliver honest, insightful, inspirational, motivational, and real coaching wisdom every day."

Cookie Tuminello
Baton Rouge, LA,
Personal Power Mentor



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Life Skills

Life is a Timed Event
You really don't have all the time in the world

Does It Pass The Katie Couric Test?
How to decide if an action is worth taking

Almost Everything in Life is Negotiable
You never know until you ask

Shake Things Up
Rearrange your furniture and your life

Would You Trade Your Problems?
Learning to be thankful for the problems you have

If It Is Meant To Be, It Takes Responsibility
How to take your power back and create a good life.

Write A Letter
Tap into the power of old fashion mail

Sit Still
How to slow down and enjoy life

Some Assembly Required
How to put your life together

Constructive Criticism... Isn't!!
How to avoid pretending you are trying to be helpful

Maybe You Are The One That Isn’t Normal
What is normal? You?

Sometimes The Only Way To Learn Is Through Experience
Some moments cannot be taught

No Worries
Or at least not really bad ones

Don't Settle
When you settle you accept less than you deserve

The Spectacular You
Most of us have a difficult time owning how spectacular we are

Commit to Doing 80%
Instead of trying to be perfect, it is better to do your best

No One Dies From Disappointment
Disappointment isn't deadly but it is dreadful

Fearsome Focus
The art of creating laser beam focus

Stop the Negative Fantasy
Don't let worry get in the way

Be Responsible To - But Not For
You can be responsible to others but you cannot be responsible for them

Get Rid of the Toxins in Your Life
Only have people and things in your life that are positive and supportive

Don't be Jealous - Be Inspired
Find your own way to achieve

You Only have Choices You Know about
You can't know what you don't know

The mind cannot work on 2 cognitive ideas at the same time

If You Are Behind Perhaps You Should Slow Down
Slow down and assess


Follow Your Heart
Your heart will get you to where you most desire to to

Whale Waiting
The secret to success is patience

I Want It and I'll Have It
The key to getting whatever you want is believing you can have it

It Could Happen
You never know what is possible until you try

Create Your Perfect Day
When you know exactly what you want it is very easy to create it

Getting Started Is The Toughest Part Of The Job
Actually taking the first step is usually the most difficult part of any new endeavor.

Use Other People's Brains
Cooperative success, group think

Work Life

How to Stay Out of Jail
Three steps to help you think clearly and avoid the mistakes of the rich and famous jail birds

Do You Want to be Quoted on

How to keep your mouth shut if you don't want what you said repeated

Working With The Generations
Working with the generations requires patience and understanding

There Is Always The Risk That You Will End Up Where You Are Headed
Know where you are going with every decision

What To Do When A Co-Worker Turns Nasty
You deserve to work in a safe environment

Make the Most of What You Don't Do Well
Leverage your weakness and make it work for you

That is not What You are Here for
Everyone has a reson for being here and it isn't just to get by

Great Minds Don't Always Think Alike
The importance of sharing your ideas with others

The Cause of Overwhelm




Declare Your Day
Make any day or every day a holiday

The Everday, Common Miracle
Noticing the amazing events that are taking place all around you.

Sometimes The Message Is Simply ‘I Am Thinking Of You’
At times any words from you will make a difference


The One Common Denominator
Dealing with the one person who can change your life

You Can't Change Your Life Today
Change doesn't happen overnight but it does happen over time

Be Discontented With The Status Quo
When we settle for how things are, we give up the opportunity to experience how things could be


Make any day or every day a holiday

Everyone Needs A BAG
A Big Audacious Goal (BAG) is a clear and compelling catalyst

Life Happens Through Small Steps
Learn to enjoy each step in the process

Give Change a Chance
Don't give up before change has a chance to take hold

How Essential a Factor is Motivation?
Is success possible without motivation?


Who Would You Give a Kidney to?
The power of relationships





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