Great Minds Don't Always Think Alike
The importance of sharing your ideas with others

by Rachelle Disbennet-Lee, PhD.

You might have heard the saying that great minds think alike. Well, sometimes that is true, but not always, and that·s a good thing. If all great minds thought alike, we wouldn·t have very many new and innovative ideas. It·s a good thing that great minds don·t always think alike. It is also the reason that it·s a good idea that you hang out with other great minds just like yours. You want to get different ideas and perspectives from people who don·t think like you. That doesn·t mean you have to change your mind; it simply means you will have the opportunity to expand your mind.

There are many ways to hang out with great minds. One way is to join a mastermind group. Mastermind groups are formed so that great minds can come together and support one another. I have been in mastermind groups for years, and they work. Often, I am just too close to something to see what is happening, and my mastermind group helps me get a different perspective. Mastermind groups are also great for generating new ideas and keeping you on track to your goals.

In addition to mastermind groups, having a coach, a mentor or a trusted friend to bounce ideas off, talk out problems and concerns and to simply listen to you is also an excellent idea. Again, it is about getting great minds together so that you can help each other and expand the possibilities. It is said that when two or more are gathered, it creates a higher consciousness. Everyone in the gathering can tap into that higher consciousness and expand his or her thinking.

Another idea is to go to conferences, seminars and events where great minds are gathered. You will not only be amazed by what you learn from the presenter, but also by others you will meet at these events. People who attend events that support them in expanding their own thinking and improve on what they are doing will have great ideas, thoughts and perspectives to share. You can tap into a huge reservoir of great thinkers by showing up at the places where they hang out.

You owe it to yourself to avail yourself of all the great minds that are out in the world. You can·t know everything and often you are just too close to be able to see all the options and possibilities. Someone who has distance and perspective about what you are doing can often provide just the answer you·re looking for, or at least give you a different perspective. Don·t make yourself an island. Get out into the world and tap into the great minds that are out there.

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