Who Would You Give A Kidney To?
The wonder of relationships

by Rachelle Disbennet-Lee, PhD.

I debated on writing this topic today because it isn't without controversy. While doing research on this idea, I found that there are some illegal and unethical actions regarding organ donations, but that isn't what I am trying to address here. I'm posing the question, "Who do you care enough about that you would make such a sacrifice?" I have come to the conclusion that everyone should have a couple of people in their life (and not just family) to whom they would donate an organ.

Most likely you will never have to give a kidney to anyone; but, answering the question provides insight into your relationships. You might wonder why I would even be thinking about this question. Organ donations are not something on which I usually dwell. I do support the concept, and I have checked the required box on my drivers license that gives permission to take needed organs after I die. The key words in that sentence are "after I die." I haven't really considered giving a kidney while I was still living. A story my friend Nan shared with me started this thought process. Nan has been sending out update e-mails on her husband who had a kidney transplant. The kidney came from one of her husband's best friends. The fact that Nan's husband received a kidney from his best friend is truly amazing to me. Another amazing fact in the story is that, when it became certain that Richard, Nan's husband, would need a kidney transplant, Nan sent out an email to 100 people explaining the situation. Nine people stepped up to volunteer to donate a kidney to Richard!

After the transplant Nan sent out was an article printed in their local paper about Richard and his friend. After reading the story about Nan's husband, I sat down and made a list of all the people that I would give a kidney to. The list was longer than I expected, and it made me feel really good to know that I have many people in my life that I care so much about. To me, having such relationships is a wonderful joy in my life. According to Nan's husband's friend, "You don't get too many chances in life to make an impact on someone's life as much as that. This was a huge thing for me to do for my best buddy."

I have a very small immediate family, but I am blessed to have a very large family of choice. Having people in your life you love and care about is one of the biggest blessings in life. It doesn't matter if you would donate a kidney or not, since that willingness is a tad extreme. It does matter that you have people in your life whom you love and cherish. Without others in your life who mean a lot to you, life doesn't have much meaning.

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Coach Rachelle Disbennett Lee, PhD, 2007


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