If It Is Meant To Be, It Takes Responsibility
How to take your power back
and create a great life

by Rachelle Disbennet-Lee, PhD.

I have been melding two ideas together, one from my past and one from the present. When I worked in Corporate America, one of my managers had a sign on his door that read, ·If it is meant to be, it is up to me.· I thought, at the time, it was a catchy phrase, but didn·t give it much more thought. When reading the latest copy of Jack Canfield·s newsletter in which he writes about the person responsible for your personal success, the saying my manager had hanging on his door made sense. The truth is that, if it is meant to be, it will mean that I take personal responsibility for it (it meaning my own success.)

I remember the first time someone told me I was responsible for my life. I actually got a little upset. I knew I was responsible for the good stuff; that was certainly all me. But, all the other stuff that I didn·t like: no, that had to be someone else·s fault. When I finally accepted that my life was exactly how I had created it to be, things changed. Once I realized that my life was up to me (not my parents, boss, husband, friends, the government, just me), I began taking responsibility for my life. And that is when life got good.

Taking responsibility for your life is empowering. As long as you blame others for your life, you will not be empowered. Not to mention that blame takes a lot of energy and time. Instead of blaming others, take responsibility for your life and take your power back. You are in charge of you, your life and your choices. This is the good news, and when you decide to take responsibility, life gets really good.

Take your power back and take responsibility for your life. Take responsibility for all of it, the good, the bad and everything in-between. Once you take responsibility for your life, you can begin to make different choices that will change your life. You are the only one who can make your life as great as you want it to be.

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Coach Rachelle Disbennett Lee, PhD, 2007


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Coach Rachelle Disbennett-Lee

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