Sometimes The Only Way To Learn Is Through Experience

Education comes in many forms and I am a proponent of formal education. However, learning through books and theories is only half of what education is about. Sometimes the only way to learn is through experience.

As I was making mini quiches for breakfast I realized I didn’t have the foil lined muffin cups the recipe called for. I couldn’t figure out why the paper cups would have to be lined with foil so I simply used the paper muffin cups I had and completed the recipe. Once baked and cooled, I realized that the chef who created the recipe knew what she was talking about. When I tried to peel the paper off of the mini quiches, it stuck horribly. I was able to salvage the quiches but it was messy and some of the quiche was lost to the paper cups. Oh well, live and learn. I had to experience the result in order to understand it. And I have learned from this experiment, and will use the proper foil lined cups in the future.

Life is a big experiment. There are things we simply cannot learn out of a book or from someone else’s experience. The key here is to learn from the experience and not keep making the same mistake. Life is one big classroom and we have the choice rather we will live and learn or if we will simply keep repeating the same lessons.

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