No One Dies From Disappointment
Disappointment isn't deadly, but it is dreadful

by Rachelle Disbennet-Lee, PhD.

Life is full of disappointments, anywhere from the grocery store being out of your favorite ice cream to not getting the dream job you wanted. I once heard a speaker say no one has ever died of disappointment. I would assume that is true. However, at the time of a big disappointment it feels like you might.

I had a huge disappointment when I was asked to be a spokesperson for a launch of a new project for a large corporation only to have the deal cancelled when one of the VPs decided to go with a famous comedian. It hit me hard because I had not been looking for this opportunity, they found me, and I spent a lot of time putting together the information they had required. I was, of course, very excited about the deal, and honored to be asked. I was told that I was the chosen one and that it was a done deal. We were days away from signing the final contract. When my contact told me the deal was cancelled, I could tell she felt really bad about it, but didn't have enough political clout in the organization to sway the VP. I felt like the rug had been pulled out from under me, and it was extremely disappointing. I spent one long day feeling very upset and let down over the entire ordeal.

And the next day the sun rose and life went on. I did not die of disappointment. In fact, I felt much better after getting some rest. I slowly began to realize that, although that had been an exciting opportunity, there would be others that would come along. Nothing lasts forever not even disappointment. I wasn't told why the company changed their minds and went with someone else, but in the long run it doesn't matter. Everything works out just the way it is suppose to.

Nothing hurts like disappointment. Disappointment feels like being let down in a major way. What I learned about disappointment from my experience is that it does pass and something good always comes along to replace the disappointment. I also learned that although no one dies of disappointment, it sure feels like you might, although that feeling will pass.

Disappointment is extremely painful. It is important to acknowledge the pain and give yourself some time to recover. It is okay to feel sad, depressed, let down, and even angry. It is not okay to stay there. Give yourself some time to heal from the disappointment and then continue on with your life being open to the new opportunities that will show up. Remember, after every disappointment, the sun will rise and life will go on.

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