Sometimes The Message Is Simply ‘I Am Thinking Of You’

It can be very difficult at times to know what to say. Sometimes the only thing to say is “I am thinking of you.” When I was searching for a card to send a sick relative, I had a difficult time because all the cards were about getting well, feeling cheery and getting over the ailment. In this case, this person will never get better so a Get Well Soon card wasn’t going to work. But not saying anything didn’t work for me either. I have heard people say that the reason they didn’t contact someone was because they didn’t know what to say. Sometimes the only message we need to send is I am thinking of you. A kind word can be the best medicine.

At my mother’s funeral, one of her friends came up to me and said how much she was going to miss my mother. She also said she hadn’t come to see my mom or keep in touch in the last year because she just didn’t know what to say. I know my mom would have loved to have heard from her friend even if it was only a card. It isn’t always about what you say. Often, your actions speak louder than words. Just staying in contact with a note, card, e-mail or even a call is enough to let the other person know you are thinking of them.

When it comes right down to it, connecting is the best part of being human. There are times when there are no words that can express how we are feeling or change the situation. But that doesn’t mean that a simple message of I am thinking about you and I am here for you can’t make a difference. Sometimes in our darkest hour a simple message sent from someone who cares can make all the difference.

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