Declare Your Day
Make any day or every day a holiday

by Rachelle Disbennet-Lee, PhD.

I have learned that anyone can declare any day a holiday or special day such as National Marshmallow Toasting Day (August 30th) or Cheese Pizza Day (September 5th). There is a process to follow to create a holiday or special day but pretty much anything goes. Now if you want a National Day (as in National Holiday) that takes an Act of Congress! But, there really is no need to go through that process. You just need to declare your day and it will be so.

Now you might not want to go through the process of making your day official. But wouldn't it be fun to declare a holiday or special day that has meaning to you. And you wouldn't have to limit yourself to one a year. You might declare a special day once a month or even once a week. Perhaps you could declare all Fridays as "Fun Friday" or every Tuesday as "Taco Tuesday." It is totally up to you to declare the day to be whatever you want it to be.

I have created several family holidays that just my family celebrates. Our adopted Yorkish fur child Buddy came to us through a rescue center so we have no way of knowing when his actual birthday is. We declared April 2nd (although we actually got Buddy on April 1st I didn't want his birthday to compete with April Fools Day) as Buddy's birthday.

I have taken to declaring days on the spot. Sometimes I feel like having a "Free Friday" where I don't have any appointments and I just do whatever I feel like doing. I have declared "special" days for myself such as "Personal Pampering Day" or "Comfort Food Day." There simply is no limit to what you can declare your day to be.

Take to declaring your own holidays and special days. Why wait for someone else to decide when you can celebrate and what you are celebrating. There are no rules or limits as to what you can celebrate or when.

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