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The items in this table are highly recommended. They have entertained, inspired, and enlightened me.


Start today on your journey to become a successful
Professional Business and Personal Coach

If you are thinking of becoming a coach or are a newer coach, you will benefit from this in-depth informative e-book. The information contained in this e-book is the product of leading workshops for seven years about how to become a coach, eight years of coaching experience, and academic research. The contents of this e-book are not based on theory, but on real life experiences from a real live coach.

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Fearless Living
Excellent book for learning how to use fear to move you forward. Rhonda is right on with how she addresses the fear in our lives and creates a process for turning it around. Courage it seems is not the absence of fear, but moving forward in spite of it. Each chapter provides illustrations and stories both from Rhonda and others that have faced fear in their lives and moved through it to success. Rhonda includes a Fear Buster Assignment in every chapter with makes this book less of just a good read, and more of a handbook for life.
If you are ready to do whatever it takes to change your relationship with yourself, this book offers invaluable ideas and insights from Life and Business Coaches as a guide to increasing your self-esteem. From reshaping the past to orchestrating the future, from living from the inside out to creating an outside that supports your inner self, from learning to love to loving to learn, this book is an important collection of tools to help you feel your life is shining brightly.

As a contributing author to the book, I can say in all honesty that it is a great book! Really, it is a very good book with chapters that are brimming over with insightful information. And if you want to know how to throw a great 40th birthday party, read my chapter, "It's all about me, who else would my life be about."


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